Conrod Straight - Protecting your paint with Fully Slick

On the back straight now! Time to protect the paint with some Fully SlickFully Slick is a spray on, synthetic protective sealant that leaves your paint with a beautifully slick and glossy finish. It's actually the slickest and smoothest feeling of anything in our range, which car enthusiasts will love!

With the car out of the sun and the panels cool to touch, spray 6-8 sprays of Fully Slick into a folded Drop Bear or Big Softie cloth. Apply to one section of the car at a time (a section might be a quarter of a bonnet, a quarter panel, half a door etc). After applying, immediately buff over the section you just applied it to with a second clean and dry Drop Bear or Big Softie cloth. For the next section, only spray 1-2 more sprays of Fully Slick into the cloth, and use that side of the cloth as your lead application cloth for the rest of the car, adding 1-2 more sprays for each section as you go.