Forrest's Elbow - Engine bay cleaning


Spray some Orange Agent all purpose cleaner into a brush (like a Nuts & Guts brush from our Foursome brush set, which is sold seperately), or cloth like our Dirty Deeds cloth and agitiate all over the area you want to clean. Then, rinse the area down with the hose, or gently wipe the areas with a damp Dirty Deeds cloth, making sure the Orange Agent never dries, especially on rubber hoses - where the technique is to spray on, quickly agitiate and then rinse off right after, one hose at a time. 

Once all done, get a small air blower and use it with a few dry microfibre cloths (again we use the Dirty Deeds cloths) to wipe down and remove the water, especially if it's sitting in engine crevices like around the manifold.