Finish line - Glass cleaning

Lightly mist 1-2 sprays of Naked Glass into the green side of an Inta-Mitt cloth and apply to the glass. DO NOT drench the cloth - a spray or two is always enough. Begin cleaning the glass back and forth, then up and down, ensuring good coverage. Be sure to get right into the corners of the glass and the windscreen too.

Turn the Inta-Mitt to the low drag purple side, and buff off any residue to a perfect finish. If your cloth is wet from product, or you begin to notice slight streaking, flip the Inta-Mitt inside out and add only 1 more spray. It's imperative that the cloth is dry to achieve that perfect, streak free finish. Never spray Naked Glass into the purple side of the Inta-Mitt.

We say to spray into the Inta-Mitt and apply so you don't get over spray everywhere, saving you time in cleaning up later. Only if the glass is really, really dirty is it a good idea to spray a little bit extra directly onto the glass. If you do use this method, spray on and leave it for 5-10 seconds to begin to clean deeper, then wipe off thoroughly using the technique described above.