The Dipper - Kamikaze bug splatter

There are a couple of ways you can use the Bugger Off. The first way is to spray it over the front of the car where the bugs are, leave it to dwell for 30 seconds or so, then pressure wash it off, taking the bugs with it. You can also spray the Bugger Off over the bugs, then cover the whole car in snow foam - the snow foam slows down the reaction of the Bugger Off, giving you enough time to snow foam the whole car, then rinse it off. You never want the product to dry on the paint.

The second way you can use it, is to wash and rinse the whole car, then spray Bugger Off onto any bug splatter that remain, leave it to dwell for around 30 seconds, then with either one of our safe microfibre wash tools, or our specially designed bug slatter cloth the Debugger, dip either of these into a clean wash suds solution, then gently wash the bug affected areas and rinse thoroughly. After rinsing, dry the area safely.