How to use your Summer Pleasure Box

What is it?

Our Summer Pleasure Box is a really cool mix of a few of our most popular products, plus a brand new one and our first foray into air refreshers. In this guide we'll run through how to use the products in your Summer Pleasure Box, what order to use them in, and how to get the most out of them. The Summer Pleasure Box is excusive to Repco and is only available in limited numbers.

The contents in your Summer Pleasure Box are:

  • Nanolicious Wash - our dream wash, created for the fussiest of fanatics.
  • Shagamittastic Wash Mitt - when you can appreciate that some things are more fun done by hand.
  • Wet Dreams - A spray on and rinse off, after-wash super hydrophobic sealant.
  • Big Softie - Big and super soft, this beautiful cloth is a must have for your detailing kit - perfect for use with Wet Dreams.
  • Popped Cherry - Our very first air freshener. A luscious dark cherry fragrance with subtle hints of other wanky exotic scents.

Starting off right

The first step to using your Summer Pleasure Box is to wash the car. If you have the Snow Blow Cannon and Snow Job already, and would like to start with that, then you most certainly can do that as your pre wash.

If you have a pressure washer, we recommend to give the vehicle a good pressure wash down first, to help remove any heavier dirt and grime before you start washing - this reduces the chance of inflicting wash induced swirl marks in the paint. If you don't have a pressure washer, use the "Jet" setting or similar on your hose and rinse the car down thoroughly.

Grab a bucket or two of your choosing - we have a Wash and Rinse bucket available separately if you wish (as well as a Great Barrier Thingy to put in the bottom of the bucket to stop dirt from swirling back up into your clean wash water). We strongly recommend 2 buckets - one for clean rinse water, and one for your wash water. The idea here is to dip your wash mitt into the wash water, wash a section of the car, then bring your wash mitt back into the clean rinse water and ring it out in there, before going back into the wash water and washing the next section, to stop dirt and contamination going into your wash water as much as possible.

Into your wash bucket, 3/4 fill it with water, then add 1 capful (30ml) of Nanolicious Wash and froth it up with either the pressure washer, or the hose, so it gets a nice head of suds.

Dip your Shagamittastic Wash Mitt into the wash suds and let the suds soak into it for a couple seconds, then starting at the roof of the car, gently wash in a back and forth motion, then side to side so that you don't miss any spots. We prefer not to go in circles when washing - not because it will create swirl marks, but because when you do small circles, there's always a bit that you miss. When you wash up and down, then back and forth, you are guaranteeing that you don't miss any spots.

After washing the first section, dip your mitt into the clean rinse water and thrash it about and/or squeeze the suds out so that any dirt or grime leaves the mitt, then dunk it back into the wash suds and do the next section of the vehicle, leaving the lower dirtier sections till last.

Once you've washed the whole car, rinse the suds off thoroughly (NOTE: if you're washing in the sun, rinse the suds off periodically - don't let them dry on the paint). 

Super hydrophobic protection with Wet Dreams

With the vehicle completely rinsed off and still wet, it's time to add some protection with Wet Dreams.

Wet and wring our your Big Softie cloth. Working one section at a time, ensure the surface is wet, then spray some Wet Dreams straight onto the paint (usually around 6-8 sprays per section will be plenty), then immediately GENTLY wipe it in with your Big Softie cloth folded in quarters to the low pile side. Once you've gently wiped the Wet Dreams in, rinse it off thoroughly with your hose or pressure washer to reveal instant protection. Continue around the vehicle using this method, wringing the cloth out as needed.

You can also apply Wet Dreams using the spray on, rinse off method. Working on one section at a time (half a door, for example), with the panel still wet, mist Wet Dreams straight onto the panel, then immediately hose it off using the stronger jet setting on your hose, or pressure wash it off if you're using a pressure washer.

Once you've completed the whole vehicle, take the end off the hose and flood the panels to remove as much water as possible before drying the vehicle safely.

For more information on Wet Dreams and how to use it, see our detailed guide below:

Drying safely

With the Wet Dreams applied and the water mostly flooded from the surface, it's time to dry the vehicle safely. Although not all the following products are included in the Summer Pleasure Box, we'll run through a couple different ways you can dry your vehicle safely here.


The Big Green Sucker with Boss Gloss:

Spray 6-8 sprays of Boss Gloss into each side of The Big Green Sucker and starting from the top, work your way down the car, drying any glass that may be in the sun first, to avoid getting water spots.



After Glow: 

Using 2 Big Softie cloths, dampen one cloth, wring it out, fold the cloth into quarters to the low pile side, then spray 4-6 sprays of After Glow into it. Wipe over one section of the paint, then follow up with your second clean and dry Big Softie cloth folded into quarters to the low pile side, and wipe over any remaining residue from the first cloth. Wring your lead cloth out and add 2-4 more sprays for each subsequent section and continue around the vehicle using this method.


Finish fresh

It's now time to use Popped Cherry - our very first air refresher. It's a luscious dark cherry fragrance with subtle hints of other wanky exotic scents.

Clean your interior out thoroughly, including removing all clothes, rubbish, food scraps etc. as any and all of these can contribute to gnarly smells hanging around inside your car. Give the carpets and mats a good vacuum, and wipe down all the surfaces inside the car so that it's all nice and clean. Any stains that need to be removed from fabrics should be done at this stage.

Give the bottle of Popped Cherry a shake and then mist 8-12 sprays into the front and rear carpets. Shut the doors and windows of the vehicle and allow around 30 minutes before hopping into it.

More info + questions

The Summer Pleasure Box is exclusive to Repco and only available in limited numbers. Give your local Repco store a call first to secure yours.

We have only made enough of the Popped Cherry for the Summer Pleasure Box and at this stage it isn't something we had intended to bring out as a separate product. We'll see what people think of it and possibly look at doing it and some more air refreshers next year if our fans love it.  

If you have any more questions about anything in your Summer Pleasure Box, or how to use any of the products, drop us an email -, or freecall 1800 351 308.

Happy detailing,

Brett Hobbs.