Badly oxidised or pitted metals

If the surface is severely oxidised, pre-clean by gently rubbing down in a side to side motion with 0000 super fine grade steel wool and use Clean Detail as the lubricant. This will remove heavier pitting, rust spots and other debris, but keep in mind that this can cause marks in the surface, which will then need to be polished out on some surfaces.

This is to be used as a last resort if Shiny Stuff and Metal Polish aren't removing the marks.

Steel wool can be useful on some chrome to remove rust spots that have set in, then polish the area with our polishing tools and Shiny Stuff paste for a mirror finish.

Be sure to then wipe the area clean with a clean and dry Dirty Deeds cloth before doing any polishing. This is extremely important so you don't cause extra scratching by polishing with debris in your polishing tools.