FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Shiny Stuff and Metal Polish?

Shiny Stuff is a super fine abrasive paste. It can be used on the softest of metals and glass, without leaving scratch or score marks, when used properly. Metal Polish is a more abrasive liquid polish, that's more suitable for harder metals, or the first stage in restoring something that's badly oxidised. Think of Metal Polish as the first stage of polishing, then Shiny Stuff is your final stage for an epic shine and finish.

  • Can I use Shiny Stuff/Metal Polish by hand?

Yes, with a high quality microfibre cloth like our Dirty Deeds. You may need to work the product a bit longer to achieve a high shine by hand.

  • Can I use Shiny Stuff/Metal Polish on plastic or painted chrome?

No. Because both of these products contain an abrasive they're not suitable. Paint Cleanse & Restore is much more suitable for this.

  • Can I use Shiny Stuff on glass?

Yes, for mild water spots. For more etched in spots, you may need use Metal Polish or a dedicated water spot removal product.

  • Can I use Shiny Stuff on jewellery?

No, it can damage gold or silver plated metals.

  • I left Shiny Stuff to dry and now it’s hard to remove, how do I get it off?

Spray a couple of sprays of Clean Detail into a clean and fresh Dirty Deeds cloth, and wipe over the residue, then flip to a dry side and wipe off.

  • Can I wash the polishing tools in the machine?

No, the metal components will cause havoc inside the drum, wash by hand.

  • How do I store my Blue Balls/Quick cone?

Once washed out and thoroughly dried, store in the packaging they came in, or in a zip lock bag.

  • Do I need to apply a sealant after using Metal Polish or Shiny Stuff?

Shiny Stuff and Metal Polish both contain a sealant in their formula, but Bead Machine will add longer lasting protection.

  • I accidentally got some shiny stuff onto some plastic/powder coat and it's left a stain - how do I remove it?

Orange Agent sprayed into a soft brush like our Foursome or Plush Brush, agitate the area, and then a thorough rinse off.