Common questions

  • Do I have to use Flash Prep on the plastics before applying Mr Black? - It's imperative that the plastics are cleaned thoroughly before applying Mr Black so that it has the best chance to adhere to the surface and to penetrate the plastic effectively. Many other companies make different surface prep products, and some people even recommend to use an IPA solution. We made Flash Prep specifically to be an extremely effective cleaner, while leaving absolutely no residue behind. We found it to be the most effective for this job by far during product development.
  • Can I use Happy Ending, Wet Dreams and other sealants on Mr Black? - Yes. Mr Black penetrates the plastic and restores it. Once it's dried and cured, it's fine to wash, seal and protect with your normal routine like the rest of the car.
  • Can I use Mr Black on my interior? Mr Black was designed to be used on exterior unpainted plastics. It's not recommended to use on interior plastics. If you're not sure, email or call us for more information.
  • Does it come in a kit? Yes. Mr Black comes in a kit called The Black Box. This kit includes; Mr Black (250ml), 125ml Flash Prep, 2 foam applicators, small foam brushes for tight areas, 1 Dark Deeds microfibre cloth and 2 Nitrile gloves (size M & XL), plus a handy instructional guide.
  • Can I buy the foam applicators from the Black Box separately? Yes. They are available to purchase separately - email or call us for more information.
  • Can I wash the applicators out and re-use them? You can't wash them out - they will stay black after use. But, they can be used a couple more times for the application of Mr Black with no issues.
  • What if I spill it on my concrete/tiles? If you spill Mr Black, it's important to wipe it up immediately. Use some of the Flash Prep or some car wash soap and a brush and rinse away well with water - the quicker you clean it up, the better.
  • Can I use Mr Black on grey or other coloured plastic? No. Mr Black uses specialised black dyes for restoring black trims. It's not designed to work with other coloured plastics.