Other important information

On extremely weathered trim, it may need two coats of Mr Black. Apply the second coat one hour after the first coat. DO NOT USE FLASH PREP OR ANY OTHER SURFACE PREP SPRAY BEFORE THE SECOND COAT. Less is more here, so only apply a small amount for each subsequent section on the second coat. Don’t get the finished trims wet for 12 hours while Mr Black cures. Wash any Mr Black from your skin with soap and water straight after application.

  • Plastics must be cool to touch and free from dirt, oil and silicones. THOROUGHLY CLEAN WITH FLASH PREP FIRST FOR BEST RESULTS.
  • In hot or humid weather, wipe Mr Black off sooner (1-2 mins max) to achieve a more even finish.
  • Do not saturate the lead applicator sponge. Less is always more - continue to spread the product until it won't spread any more.
  • If you get an uneven finish, use less product and spread it further with your lead applicator.
  • If you've bought our Black Box kit, be gentle with the small foam applicator sticks so you don't damage them in tight trim areas.
  • If Flash Prep doesn't remove accidentally applied Mr Black from badly oxidised painted areas, or headlights, use the Paint Cleanse & Restore to remove it.