Step 2 - Applying Mr Black

Shake the Mr Black bottle well. Work in small sections, like 1⁄4 of a front bumper or a section of trim (like one door etc) at a time.

Apply a few drops of Mr Black (less is more) evenly over a foam applicator (these come in our Black Box, or can be purchased separately). Then rub into one section of the trim, back and forth, to prime the applicator pad. Once it starts spreading well, give it an even, thin coat, over the plastic surface, using an overlapping motion.

If the plastic is very porous, it will absorb a bit more product. Don't over saturate or apply too much Mr Black to your applicator to compenstate for this, add just one or two extra drops and continue with the overlapping thin coats, to give you the best result. 

Leave to cure for a couple of minutes (this time can be less if it's overly warm or humid).

Now, go back over the area with a second dry and clean foam applicator, using gentle pressure and a side to side motion. This will level out any high spots and create a nice, even finish.