How does this work?

One of the questions we get quite often is how to clean the car when you don't have access to a hosepipe, pressure washer, or you can't get your car into a good position for a regular 3 bucket wash. Up until now, the only advice we could give was using Boss Gloss with multiple Drop Bear towels to gently remove light dust, but this method is not as safe for the paint as we'd want and we try to avoid doing it whenever possible. 

When the droughts hit Australia a few years ago, we started developing a wash that didn't need running water to use, but it quickly got sidelined for some of our more exciting products (all the super hydrophobic sealants and wax for one) and the water restrictions were lifted.

Recently, we've redoubled our efforts on this product, and after years of testing and 50+ formulas, we finally settled on one that we feel safe enough to use on our cars here. 

No Hose is a rinseless wash (not to be confused with a waterless wash), which means you don't need a hosepipe to rinse the car down after washing. All you need is a bucket, a Frother or trigger bottle, access to clean water via a tap, and several microfibre cloths. You measure out the concentrated No Hose into the bucket and into your chosen sprayer, pre spray the section you are working, wipe over with the folded microfibre, then dry with your chosen drying towel/aid combination. No need for large quantities of water, endless rinsing, and no chasing water dribbles around the car either. It's super handy for apartment dwellers who don't have access to running water, or even when out on a road trip.

A lot of things go into developing this sort of product to be safe and effective, starting with the microfibre cloths. We spent a lot of time testing the varying qualities, densities, sizes, and weaves to find the safest and most effective and safest type of microfibre to use, critical when you aren't able to prewash the car before touching it! Aptly named for their beautiful colour and feel in between your fingers the Fluffy Plums are a pleasure to touch and use.

The formula itself is very lubricating and designed to fully encapsulate dirt and pull it away from the surface of the paint, which lets you wipe it away without inflicting damage. It also leaves behind a smooth and shiny finish which is easy to dry.