What is it and how does this work?

One of the questions we get quite often is how to clean the car when you don't have access to a hose, pressure washer, or you can't get your car into a good position for a regular 3 bucket wash. Up until now, the only advice we could give was using Boss Gloss with multiple Drop Bear towels to gently remove light dust, but this method is not as safe for the paint as we'd want, and we try to avoid doing it whenever possible.

We worked to create a modern cleaning solution for detailing light to moderately dirty vehicles, without the need of a hose for washing and rinsing. After a few years of development with over 50 formula changes, we're proud to introduce Dry Spell, our modern rinseless wash that uses some cool new chemistry so you can safely clean your vehicle indoors or outdoors, with just 2 buckets, a few purpose made cloths, and a drying towel. 

Rinseless washing is ideal in many different circumstances, like for apartment dwellers who don’t have access to a hose or wash bay, people in water restricted areas, classic car owners who don’t use water due to fear of rust forming on internal areas, or simply for a mid-week, or pre car show maintenance clean to quickly bring back the shine to your garaged friend. We find it takes us a quarter of the time with this system over traditional washing with a hose.

It’s a pH neutral and biodegradable formula that’s safe on quality waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings and paint protection film, and suitable for all exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Our Dry Spell rinseless wash should not be confused with a waterless wash. We’ve found rinseless washing to be a better, safer and more modern solution thanks to its blend of the latest surfactants, that are specifically created to break down and lift off light dirt, grit and grime with protective polymers to encapsulate them and lubricate the surface, minimising the risk of creating scratches or swirls in your vehicles paint.

It's super easy to use - you only need a couple of buckets (one with water and one for dirty cloths after use), a trigger or pump spray bottle, 6-8 plush microfibre cloths and a drying towel to clean your vehicle.

You measure out the concentrated Dry Spell into the bucket and into your chosen sprayer, pre spray the section you are working, wipe over with the folded microfibre, then dry with your chosen drying towel/aid combination. No need for large quantities of water, endless rinsing, and no chasing water dribbles around the car either.

IMPORTANT - Not for very dirty vehicles. Please follow our regular wash process with a hose and water if your vehicle is filthy, to minimise the risk of inflicting scratches and swirls.