Wiping it Down

Soak your Fluffy Plums in the No Hose solution In the bucket, making sure they are completely saturated. Grab one cloth out, wring it out gently to get rid of the dripping water, then fold into quarters.

Starting in the top left corner of your section, gently wipe the folded cloth in one direction across the panel. Flip the cloth to the clean side, then wipe the next section in the same manner, never wipe the cloth back and forth.

Unfold the cloth and re fold in the other direction to expose two clean sides and continue with the single wipe process. The Fluffy Plum can be unfolded twice, giving you 8 clean sides per cloth.

Once you have used all of the clean sides, put your cloth in a separate bucket ready to be washed. Do not put it back into the No Hose bucket as this will contaminate the solution and increase the risk of scratching.