Step 3: Safe cleaning

For best results, and to reduce the chances of inflicting swirls in your paint, it's important to use the correct technique. Grab one cloth from the bucket, wring it out gently to get rid of the dripping water, then fold it into quarters. Always start at the top of the car and work your way down to the lower dirtier sections last.

With one hand on each end of the cloth, starting in the top left corner of your section, slowly pull the cloth in a STRAIGHT line, in one direction across the panel, while rolling the front of the cloth upwards to expose a clean section as you go. Flip the cloth to the clean side, then wipe the next section in the same manner, never wipe the cloth back and forth. Use each side of the cloth only once.

Unfold the cloth and re-fold in the other direction to expose two clean sides and continue with the single wipe process. The Plushcious can be unfolded twice, giving you 8 clean sides per cloth.

Once you have used all the clean sides, put your cloth in a separate bucket (like our Microfibre bucket), ready to be washed. Do not put it back into the Dry Spell bucket as this will contaminate the solution and increase the risk of scratching. We recommend the darker grey coloured cloths for the lower dirtier areas to keep the lovely mint coloured cloths looking fresh.

We found that the technique of using one side of a plush cloth, rolling it up and over as you gently go over the surface, before flipping to a clean side for the next section is a game changer. This simple technique keeps the safely removed dirt away from your paint and seriously cuts down the risk of ever creating micro-scratching or swirling.

It's best practice to dry each freshly cleaned section as you go, following the instructions below in the Safe drying section.