All microfibre over time will start to age and become less effective, and The Big Green Sucker is no different. Washing it with our Microfibre Wash with warm water after every use and tumble drying on the cool setting on your dyer is a really good way to care for and prolong the life of your Sucker, but eventually it will come time to replace it.

Boss Gloss is fine to use in the Sucker as a drying aid to help dry your vehicle, but using any hydrophobic type spray with a protective polymer in it with the cloth will adversely affect the cloth's ability to absorb water. This is why we don't recommend to use anything like After Glow, Fully Slick or Bead Machine with your Big Green Sucker.

If your Big Green Sucker starts to become less effective and is not absorbing water well anymore, put it in a bucket (6-8L or so) of warm water with 40ml of Microfibre Wash in it, and leave it to soak overnight. Next day, put the cloth into a normal machine cycle with warm water and 20ml of Microfibre Wash, then put it into the dryer for 30-40 mins on the cool setting. This will fix 99% of the problems with the cloth if it's not soaking up water how it should anymore.