Common questions

  • Do I have to use Flash Prep before applying Bead Machine? - It's extremely important that the paint is as clean as possible. Flash Prep ensures that any oily residue, silicones etc, anything that might affect the bond of the product to the paint, is removed prior to application.
  • But I used Paint Cleanse & Restore, can't I put Bead Machine straight over that? - You can, however, we discovered during testing that Paint Cleanse & Restore will affect the longevity and the hydrophobic nature of Bead Machine. Paint Cleanse & Restore is still a vital step in paint preparation, so a quick going over with Flash Prep after the Paint Cleanse & Restore will give the best results.
  • Can I use Clean Detail, Orange Agent or Naked Glass instead of Flash Prep? Short answer: no. Flash Prep has a very specific blend of ingredients that deep clean surfaces to remove dirt, oil, silicones etc, with a long work time that will flash off to leave zero residue and clean, bare paint. None of the other products in our range are suitable for this job.
  • How long will it last? This will depend entirely on preparation, paint condition, how the car is kept, where it's kept, how often it's driven, how it's washed and cared for etc. During our testing we saw 3-4 months in the real world, on daily driven cars with good condition paint, and much longer on weekenders.
  • Can I still use Fully Slick, Lazy Wax, Carnauba Body Wax etc? You can, however, we have found that Bead Machine works best with the newer, super hydrophobic products Wet Dreams and Happy Ending. After Glow can still be used as a dedicated drying aid without affecting the hydrophobic properties of Bead MachineWet Dreams or Happy Ending.
  • Can I use it on my windscreen? We strongly recommend not to, as it can potentially create some smearing when the wipers are used in the rain. It's fine for all of the other glass on your vehicle.