When you notice the beading and water sheeting begin to diminish, you can boost it with any of our other super hydrophobics; Wet Dreams and Happy Ending. We made both of these to be the best accompanying products to use with Bead Machine for long term maintenance.

For your weekly washing you can use our Snow Job foams as well as any of our three washes: Auto Body Gel, Wax Wash or Nanolicious Wash, although we feel Nanolicious Wash has a very slight edge thanks to its more exotic ingredients. Do note that all these washes have a hydrophilic (water loving) nature to them, so they can sometimes initially hide the surface tension/water beading right after their use.

For drying you can use After Glow with the Big Softie cloths, or the Boss Gloss combined with the Big Green Sucker without affecting the hydrophobic properties of Bead Machine, Wet Dreams or Happy Ending. A really cool added bonus of having these super hydrophobic products on your vehicle is that the Snow Job snow foam will become more effective and clean better, and the paint will become much more slippery and smooth, and easier to clean, dry and maintain.

We know people like to do things differently, to suit their different situation or just how they wish to use the products, so here are our 3 best recommendations on using Bead Machine after that first application:

  1. As a base layer to then top up with Wet Dreams and Happy Ending at the end of a wash, which is our favourite method, as it's the easiest and we feel most effective.  
  2. As a stand alone sealant. So it's used on its own, on dry, clean paint after a wash, with no products to top it or maintain it, only itself. If you do use it this way, we suggest doing two layers if you wish as well, with the 2nd coat applied 15 mins after the first layer. 
  3. Layered on top of Wet Dreams or Happy Ending, to create layers of super hydrophobic protection. Yes you can do this, but it's not quite as long lasting as the first two methods. This applies to applying Bead Machine on your carnauba waxes as well.