Protecting your paint

If you're using Happy Ending or Wet Dreams using this method of washing, it will use more water, and you'll likely have to refill your water drum at some point. So another option is to use our other sealant products for added protection after the vehicle has been washed and dried.

After Glow is still fine to use as a drying aid, to dry the car with, and it will attract less dust. Use 2 Big Softie cloths, one damp, one dry. Spray 4-6 sprays of After Glow into the folded and damp Big Softie cloth and dry a section of the vehicle (a section might be half a bonnet), then with the clean and dry Big Softie, buff off any remaining residue. Spray 2-3 more sprays of After Glow into the damp Big Softie cloth for each subsequent section of the vehicle.