The hook up

  • Set the water drum up next to your pressure washer and plug the other end of the hose into the pressure washer, then open the valve on the water drum end of the hose. This will start the flow of water into the pressure washer.
  • Unplug the pressure washer hose from the handle of your presure washer and point it back into the water drum so you don't waste water here, then turn the pressure washer on so that it can start sucking water through its pump. This might take a little bit, so don't freak out.
  • Once you start getting a good flow of water through the hose, turn the pressure washer off and reconnect the hose to the pressure washer. Your pressure washer is now primed, and ready to go.

During our testing, we found that 20L was enough to do a small sedan using a pressure washer with a flow rate of around 6L/min.

For bigger 4WD's or Van's, or when using a pressure washer with a higher flow rate (like our Gerni with 8.6L/min), 30L or more may be required. 

If you find you need more water, turn the valve to the off position on the hose that's plugged into the water drum, unplug the hose from the pressure washer, take the water drum to the tap on your house and put some more water in it. Only put in around 5-10L at a time, and any remaining water in the drum can be stored and used for your next detail.