What you'll need

Here is what you'll need:

Pressure Washer - different pressure washers have different flow rates, so check yours before starting to get an idea of how much water it will use. Ours is the Gerni 160.2, which uses 8.6L/min maximum water flow.

Water container with a hose bung in the bottom - critical it's at the bottom, as this setup is gravity fed to the pressure washer, so a bung at the top will not work. (20-30L capacity, with 30L being ideal. Autobarn sell a 20L one here, or Bunnings sell a 30L one here)

Shortened hose - (the one in our article here we cut to about 2m long)

Hose connector with control valve - (see link here)

Universal sprinkler adapter (or similar hose fitting) - (see link here)

Plumbers tape/Thread seal tape - (see link here)