When buying our Cannon from a store, they all come with the popular Karcher K series and Gerni / Nilfisk / Stihl adapters in the box, with the others being available to order in as a seperate purchase. Contact us direct on 1800 351 308 for more details on these.

Here are some popular machines and the adapters they use: 

Aldi Workzone - 2019 model uses BOADAPTER9 - Previous machine uses BOADAPTER8. Check images for which one you need. 

Bosch, Ryobi - BOADAPTER9: fits Bosch retail machines 33 - 11 / 45 - 14 models. Ryobi - Fits RPW-*G & *SC models - (NOT Ryobi RPW170-G, which uses the M22 male, BOADAPTER4).

Clean Force (electric) - (Autobarn/Autopro) - BOADAPTER8

Gerni  - BOADAPTER7: fits all Gerni retail machines from the 3300 to the 7300 models. It also fits the discontinued 100.3 to 160.2 models.

Husqvarna - BOADAPTER7: For the PW125, 235, 360 and 460 models

Karcher K Series - BOADAPTER1: fits Karcher retail machines K2 - K7 models. Some newer machines may require a slight modification of the winglets to fit. 

Stihl - BOADAPTER7: fits Stihl retail machines RE88, RE109, RE119, RE129 PLUS Stihl - model RE163 PLUS uses BOADAPTER2. RE115K uses BOADAPTER6.

Your local retail store where you bought the cannon from can order the correct adapter in for you, or you can purchase it from our webstore here -