Types of adapters

We have included some brand names of many popular machines that use the different adapters in this chart, but of course these adapters are not exclusive to just those machines. 

In these images the adapter measured up as the popular Gerni brand (note the tip is slightly different, but the "O" ring and winglets were the same), so we have used it to connect up the Snow Blow Cannon. It screws tightly into the 1/4" thread extension of the Cannon, which is then ready to swivel into the lance of the pressure washer. 

As we understand it can be a bit tricky, here's some more images of the different adapters to further help you out.

The Karcher is for the super popular "K series" machine. Note that the cheaper versions don't let the lance swivel, so you will be using it gangster style with the gun on its side, or add some extra nylon thread tape to help it sit upright. The Lavor type on the right fits literally hundreds of different machines including some Ryobi machines. 

The M22 (name comes from its 22 mm thread) adapter comes in both a male and female version. They are found on many industrial and professional pressure washers.  

Bosch had an adapter all of its own for years, but recently swapped its new machines to the more popular AR Blue / Black and Decker type on the right. 

We have two quick connects, with the 1/4" quick connect being the same as used in workshops air tools. The other is a special Nilfisk 2 piece click together connection. To mount either of these you must unscrew the extension from the cannon (easy to do with a shifter) and thread the adapter straight into the cannon.