Delightful Washing

Give the car a really good rinse down with a strong jet of water from your hose sprayer or pressure washer, or use a prewash like our Snow Job or Mega Snow Job to remove as much dirt as possible which reduces the risk of scratching your paint when you start washing.

Grab a 15L Wash bucket and 3/4 fill the bucket with water. Put a capful (30mL) of Nanolicious Wash into the bucket, then hit it with the jet setting on your hose to froth it up and get the wash mixed nicely inside the bucket. It's recommended to have a separate Rinse bucket filled with clean water to clean your wash tool out in after washing each section of the car as you go (as well as Great Barrier Thingys to put in the bottom of the buckets to stop dirt from swirling back up into your clean wash water).

Dip your Shagtastic Wash Pad into the bucket and let the suds soak into it for a couple seconds (squeezing it gently can help it absorb the wash suds), then starting at the roof of the car, gently wash in a back and forth motion, then side to side so that you don't miss any spots. We prefer not to go in circles when washing - not because it will create swirl marks, but because when you do small circles, there's always a bit that you miss. When you wash up and down, then back and forth, you are guaranteeing that you don't miss any spots.

After washing the first section, dip your mitt into the clean rinse water and thrash it about and/or squeeze the suds out so that any dirt or grime leaves the wash tool, then dunk it back into the wash suds and do the next section of the vehicle, leaving the lower dirtier sections till last.

After you've finished washing the whole car, take the end of the hose off and flood the panels of the car to rinse all of the wash suds off. You will see how the Nanolicious Wash allows the water to pool together and run off the car easier.

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!