Let's have Sexy Time

It's now time to use Sexy Time - a simply arousing smelling air refresher for the interior of your car.

Clean your interior out thoroughly, including removing all clothes, rubbish, food scraps etc, as any and all of these can contribute to gnarly smells hanging around inside your car. Give the carpets and mats a good vacuum, and wipe down all the surfaces inside the car so that it's all nice and clean. Any stains that need to be removed from fabrics should be done at this stage.

Give the bottle of Sexy Time a shake and then mist 8-12 sprays into the front and rear carpets. Shut the doors and windows of the vehicle and allow around 30 minutes before hopping into it. Note, the longevity of the fragrance will change depending on the quality of the carpet, where the car is stored, how many sprays are used etc.