What's in it?

The Drive In Box is a great combination of our gear for a quick clean, shine and protection before a hot drive-in date or any fun outing.

In this guide we'll run through the products in your Drive-In Box, how to use them and what order to use them in.

The Drive-In Box is exclusive to Repco and is only available in limited numbers.

The contents in the pack are:

  • Nanolicious Wash - Our dream wash, that we created for the fussiest of fanatics. Super lubricating, great sudsing and awesome pH neutral cleaning.
  • Shagtastic Wash Pad - Appeases car fanatics and pro detailers who love hand washing, with plush shag pile that's amazing for cleaning.
  • Wet Dreams - A fantastic spray on, rinse off protective sealant that is ideal for a quick boost of shine and protection at the end of a wash.
  • Twisted Juicy Sucker - A fantastic microfibre drying towel that uses a crazy absorbent 800GSM twisted loop pile that's single sided, to suck off more water than ever!
  • Sexy Time - What nobody asked for - a succulent air refresher laced with aphrodisiac to bring in the car guys.