Underbody Cleaning and Protection

Park your vehicle on the grass, to avoid a messy driveway clean up later. Remove your bash plates if so inclined to get a more thorough clean. If you have a lot of heavy chunks of mud, you'll want to blast these off with the pressure washer or hose as best you can first.

Fill up your Snow Blow Cannon bottle with 900mL of water, and add 100mL of Mega Snow Job to it. Give it a good shake, to mix thoroughly, and then begin foaming the underbody, making sure to adjust the fan spread to get good coverage of all underbody components. Pay particular attention around the wheel arches as these tend to be the dirtier areas. You'll want to aim to use about half the cannon bottle here, saving the other half for the regular wash later on.

Allow the Mega Snow Job a few minutes to dwell, and then begin rinsing off, either with the pressure washer or a hose sprayer on the jet setting. Spend a long time doing this, being thorough and rinsing every potential location that mud or sand could be hiding. Places like the top side of chassis rails and exhaust mufflers, inside plastic bumpers and side step railings, around the gearbox and bellhousing, inside bash plates and guards etc.

Orange Agent or Down and Dirty can be used for a deeper clean of more muddy or stained areas as well, paired with any of our brushes, particularly in and around wheel arch wells and suspension parts. 

At this time, it's also a good idea to flush out your chassis rails with the open end of your hose.

Once dry, you can add/top up protection underneath with our Under Armer underbody protection spray. See our guide below for full instructions on this.