Applying Tyre Sheen and Sweet Rubber

With the tyre clean and dry, spray 6-8 sprays of Tyre Sheen or Sweet Rubber into a foam applicator like our All Sorts applicator and then apply evenly over the rubber surface. Rub back and forth with the All Sorts over the entire tyre, making sure to get into the tyre lettering and any higher side wall sections if you have 4WD tyres.

The All Sorts applicator is a robust tyre shine applicator that makes this job a breeze. Apply more Tyre Sheen or Sweet Rubber if needed (if the rubber is really dry, it will soak it up initially), and wipe it over until you get a nice, even finish. Wipe any excess product from the wheels or white walls with a Dirty Deeds cloth. Allow the tyre to dry for 5 minutes, and that's it!

If you want an even darker and shinier finish, you can apply a second layer after the first layer has dried and cured for 5 minutes.