Cleaning the tyres

Having a clean tyre will get the absolute best out of Sweet Rubber & Tyre Sheen, and help with application, and longevity.

Wet the tyre first, then spray some Orange Agent on and leave it to dwell for only a short time (10-15 seconds), but do not let it dry. Then, with a stiff bristled brush (or our Little Chubby brush), scrub the tyre thoroughly with a mix of car wash like Nanolicious and rinse off all of the excess suds. Dry the tyre with a Dirty Deeds cloth or similar and inspect - if it needs more cleaning, repeat the process until the rubber looks bare, ready for some tyre shine application.

If the tyres have significant browning from antiozonant (an additive put into all new tyres to help keep the rubber supple), they may need a few applications to remove all of the brown staining from the rubber. Tyre Sheen and Sweet Rubber both contain additives to help keep the rubber of the tyre supple, so don't stress if you're removing it.