Common questions

  • Do I need to wash out my All Sorts applicators after use? Nope! Simply store them in a ziplock bag or similar, leaving the top unsealed so the foam can breathe.
  • Why are my tyre sidewalls brown? This is from the antiozonant that tyre manufacturers put into the rubber, which helps stop rubber from becoming brittle. Scrubbing with our Orange Agent and a medium bristle brush can help to remove the outer layer of this, then apply Tyre Sheen or Sweet Rubber to remove the brown look and give some suppleness back into the rubber.
  • Can I spray this straight on my tyres? We don't recommend this, as you'll end up with overspray on the paintwork and glass, an uneven finish that has the potential to fling once you drive. Always apply Tyre Sheen and Sweet Rubber with an applicator like our All Sorts for the best results.
  • Can I use this on white walls or raised lettering? Both of our tyre protectants are safe on factory white walls and raised lettering, and painted white or red walls that are in good condition.
  • How should I store my bottle? We always recommend to store these in a cool location in a shed or garage with the trigger turned to the "Off" position to help prevent liquid escaping from the bottle.