Lusciously plush

Using the appropriate cloth is crucial in this washing system. That's why we created The Plushcious - a high-quality, edgeless microfiber towel with ideal density to retain the right amount of cleaning solution, and a deeper pile fibre to avoid pushing dirt or grit into your paint. We spent a lot of time testing the varying qualities, densities, sizes, and weaves to find the safest and most effective type of microfibre to use, critical when you aren't able to prewash the car before touching it!

Aptly named for their beautiful colour and feel in between your fingers, The Plushcious microfibre cloths are a pleasure to touch and use. The Plushcious will also suit those fanatics who want the most delicate touch when removing detailing sprays, spray sealants, and waxes.

The large 40cm x 50cm size allows for 8 fresh sides per cloth (when folded) meaning you don't need a whole tub full of microfibre when using Dry Spell

Please note: MUST BE WASHED BEFORE FIRST USE. This ensures that any of the lint from the manufacturing process is removed BEFORE you use these amazing cloths.