Microfibre care and storage

It's CRITICAL that you wash The Plushcious cloths immediately after using Dry Spell, using Microfibre Wash either in a bucket or in your washing machine. If you can't get to wash them, leave them in the Dry Spell solution until you are ready to clean them.

Add 20-60mL of Microfibre Wash to your machine (depending on how many cloths you're washing) and put the machine on a normal wash cycle with warm water. DO NOT ADD FABRIC SOFTENER.

Once the cloths have been washed, pop them in the dryer on the cool/warm setting for around 45 minutes, or until they come back nice and fluffy. Once the cloths are dry, pack them away in a sealable container, ready for their next use! It's always critical to wash The Plushcious cloths before first use too!

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please see our dedicated caring for microfibre guide below: