Other uses

For those of you who are familiar with rinseless washing, you'll know that a rinseless wash is really a multi purpose cleaner and can be used on a lot of different surfaces, for a myriad of different jobs in and around the car. While we didn't specifically set out to design Dry Spell to be used on these different areas, it is capable of taking care of a lot of different jobs. It's important to remember though, that a product designed for a specific job, in most cases, is going to be the better product for that job!

With that said, here's a list of jobs that our customers can also use Dry Spell for. Keep in mind we don't recommend using Dry Spell for any of these jobs in place of more specific products, this list is just to give you an idea on some of the other uses for Dry Spell.

Quick detail spray, clay lube, glass cleaning, drying aid, wheel cleaner, stainless steel bench cleaning, hardwood and tile floor cleaning.

As a general rule, mix at a ratio of 20-30:1 for quick detail spray and clay lube, and 30-40:1 for all other jobs. It must be said again though, used as a quick detail spray for example, Boss Gloss will still do a better job in our testing, so keep this in mind!