Refilling the Pre Mix/Frother + Storage

Dry Spell mixed at 40:1 with good quality water, preferably distilled water, is going to give the best results for pre spraying your paint, to gently break down and encapsulate dirt on the surface. 

For the Dry Spell Pre Mix mix up a solution of Dry Spell at a ratio of 40:1. That's 15mL into our 500mL trigger sprayer.

For The Frother, add 25mL of Dry Spell concentrate to 1L of good quality water. For best results, use The Frother with only 1 foam puck.

You can leave the mixed Dry Spell in the bucket after use for around 2 weeks before disposing of it and making a fresh batch.

You can leave the Dry Spell pre mix in The Frother for around 2 weeks before rinsing it out and changing it - longer if using distilled/demin water.