Setting up

Park your car in the shade, out of the wind where possible, and work on panels that are cool to the touch. Early mornings or late afternoons are best for this. 

Grab your bucket and fill it up with around 8L of water (or the middle of the Bowden's Own logo on our buckets) and fill your Frother to the 1L mark. When using The Frother for pre spraying, use it with 1 puck only. This will ensure a good spray pattern over your paint.

If you're using a trigger sprayer (like our 500mL Dry Spell Pre Mix), fill it up with around 500mL, or until it's nearly full (preferably with distilled water), then add the Dry Spell concentrate. Distilled water will help the lubricating surfactants in Dry Spell work more effectively, and won't leave any annoying water spots. Also, grab a second bucket for the dirty Plushcious cloths to be placed in after use. We like to use the Microfibre Bucket for this job.

The product is diluted in the following ratios:
Bucket: 200:1 - In 8L of water, add 40mL of Dry Spell.
Sprayer: 40:1 - In 500mL of water, add 15mL of Dry Spell.

Immerse your Plushcious cloths in the Dry Spell solution in the bucket, making sure they are completely saturated. We recommend 6-8 cloths for an average sized sedan/SUV.

Please note: It's reasonably important to mix Dry Spell close to the stated ratios. If you accidently mix in too much product you may get unwanted streaking later, use too little and it won’t lift dirt particles or lubricate the surface sufficiently.