Step 1: Pre spray and soak

If there's a large amount of dust on the surface of your vehicle, it can pay to use a small blower first (like our battery powered one pictured), to blow off any excess dust and dirt before you start spraying any Dry Spell onto the surface.

For the pre-spray bottle or our Frother pump sprayer, mix up a solution of Dry Spell at a ratio of 40:1. That's 15mL into our 500mL trigger sprayer, or 25mL into 1L of good quality water in our Frother pump sprayer. The Frother is super handy for doing multiple cars at a time due to its larger internal liquid capacity, and can save time and your trigger finger while spraying.

Pre spray the vehicle using either our handy Dry Spell Pre Mix bottle that comes in the Dry Spell Pack, or mix a solution in The Frother as mentioned above for some pump action pre spraying. 

Make sure to only use Dry Spell in the shade on panels that are cool to the touch and start at the top of the vehicle. Working on one section of the car at a time (e.g. the roof, the bonnet, one door) pre-spray the Dry Spell Pre Mix VERY liberally, covering the entire section and allow it to dwell for TWO MINUTES. This time is critical to allow the Dry Spell to penetrate, loosen and encapsulate the dirt on the paint to minimise the chance of scratching. While waiting, inspect the section and top up any spots you may have missed.