Step 2: Mix and dunk

Add 8 litres of water into a 15 litre bucket, or to the middle of the Bowden’s Own logo on our buckets.

Pour in 40mL of Dry Spell (200:1 ratio), agitate the solution so it mixes nicely with the water, then drown 6-8 Plushcious cloths in the solution. This highly lubricating solution will add a barrier between the cloth and the paint to greatly reduce the chance of inflicting swirls, and it smells pretty good too! 

The number of cloths you’ll need for your vehicle will depend on the size of what you’re cleaning. We find an average sized sedan/SUV will need around 6-8 Plushcious cloths.

Keep in mind you may need another couple Dirty Deeds cloths for the wheels to stop your Plushcious cloths getting contaminated with brake dust. If you're going to use The Plushcious cloths for the wheels, be sure to keep those ones separate after use - wash them separately and use those ones only for wheels, and never for the paint.