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This 1 litre bottle of dry spell is super economical, as it can make up to 200 litres of finished product. You can buy it either in the 1 litre concentrate or in the handy Dry Spell Pack which comes with the 1L concentrate, a 500mL pre-spray already mixed with distilled water and as our generosity never ends, a great little measuring cup too. 

Dry Spell has become one of the most used products in our sheds, as it’s practical, economical, water saving and gives what we think is a nicer finish than traditional washing, all done in a quarter of the time.

We know it’s not going to be for everyone, but we love it because it allows us to spend less time detailing, and more time doing what we love doing, which is driving our cars. We know you’ll enjoy using it as much as we do.

Dry Spell Pre Mix is available to order separately through our website or as a special order through retailers. This is pre mixed at 40:1 with quality distilled water, ready to use!

Dry Spell is exclusive to Supercheap Auto stores initially and will become available in other retailers in the coming months. If your local Supercheap Auto doesn't have them in stock, simply ask them to order them in for you. The product codes to quote for them are:

Dry Spell 1L: BODRY - RRP $44.99
Dry Spell Pack: BODRYP - RRP $64.99
Dry Spell Pre Mix: BODRPM - RRP $22.99
The Plushcious: BOPLUSHY - RRP $23.99 (2 pack)