Cleaning wheels with Dry Spell follows all the same rules and procedures as using it on your painted surfaces. If the wheels are super dirty, it is recommended to use Wheely Clean to break down the brake dust on the wheels, before using our system of brushes to effectively clean the entire wheel.

Use our Dirty Deeds cloths for the wheels, leaving The Plushcious cloths for the paint only, free of any wheel grime, brake dust etc. To use Dry Spell on the wheels, spray the pre mix liberally onto the wheel surface and into the barrel of the wheel if you can reach your hand in there safely. Leave it to dwell for 2 minutes, then take a pre saturated Dirty Deeds cloth and gently wipe the surface of the wheel and other areas you can safely get to.

Grab a second clean and dry Dirty Deeds or similar cloth and dry the wheel. You can use your drying aid of choice here (Boss Gloss/After Glow) and add some extra protection to the wheel if you want with a sealant like Bead Machine too!