Sweet Rubber - for a sweet scent and darker sheen

We added this great product to our 2021 All Aussie Bucket and had overwhelmingly positive feedback on it, from the finish it leaves, to the sweet fragrance, so we decided to make it a permanent fixture in our product line up. Giving a darker, richer and more shiny look than Tyre Sheen (without being over the top!), if that's the kind of look you prefer for your tyres, we've got you covered with Sweet Rubber. It spreads beautifully and is also extremely hydrophobic, so it'll bead up really well, meaning your tyres will stay cleaner and darker for longer, without attracting extra dirt and dust to the tyres like some tyre shine products can!

What makes Sweet Rubber different:

  • A highly water-repellent, super hydrophobic formula that bonds well to rubber, for a more uniform application and great lasting protection. 
  • Repels water so well, it creates a more self-cleaning finish, making it easier to keep your tyres clean. 
  • Creates a much darker-looking, lush mid-gloss finish, that car fanatics love.
  • Resists annoying flinging and slinging onto your car's paintwork.
  • UV Protection to prevent antiozonant browning of tyre walls.
  • Easy to use, quick drying and smells pretty damn good.
  • Will not affect painted, chromed, polished or alloy rims.
  • Aussie-made and developed formula, by us crazy people who love cars.