Carpets, mats and fabric seats

Spray some Fabra Cadabra into a Plush Brush and a small amount straight onto a section of carpet, then brush back and forth, side to side overlapping each section until the carpet is all done. For fabric seats, spray Fabra Cadabra straight into the Plush Brush, then do sections at a time. Don’t spray straight onto the seat as you’ll get overspray everywhere. Once all the fabric surfaces inside the car are done, give them another vacuum with a wet & dry vac. Last is the car mats. Leave these outside of the car, on a flat surface like a table, or the garage floor or similar. Spray Fabra Cadabra into the Plush Brush again, and a few sprays straight onto the mat. Use the same scrubbing technique as with the carpets (up and down, side to side, overlapping motions), then finish with another vacuum.

At this point, if you wanted to add some serious protection to your carpets and mats, use Fabratection. To see more on this and how to use it, click the link here -

For that nice pro touch finish, use the Plush Brush to create some cool looking stripes in the mats. Dry the brush off first with a cloth, then brush the fibres in the mat all one way. Drag the brush downwards along the edge of the mat, then do it again the opposite way next to that line, then the opposite way again and so on, creating lines in the mat and leaving a professional, fresh finish.