First thing's first

Wash your hands, or use an alcohol based hand rub. Put on your PPE gear that you’re going to be wearing. We’d suggest a pair of quality nitrile gloves at the very least. You could also consider a breathable face mask and eye protection. Use an alcohol wipe, or our Far Cough spray (as per its instructions) wiped with a cloth on the outside door handle so you’re not transferring germs from there to inside the car.

Take the floor mats out of the car and put them to the side for now. Thoroughly vacuum the entire interior of the car with the various vacuum attachments, using a small brush like our Foursome brushes to help agitate dirt out of hard to reach areas like air conditioning vents, power window switches, steering wheel buttons etc. Vacuum the carpets inside the car last, then vacuum the floor mats very last, but leave them out of the car for now.