Hot spots

What do we mean by “hot spots”? Well, these are the areas inside your car that you touch the most – steering wheel, door grab handles, gear selector, stereo/air conditioning buttons, indicator stalks and the seat belt. These are the areas inside the car that we need to pay the most attention to and take care with when we’re cleaning them. If any of these surfaces in your car are damaged, older or otherwise not in good condition, Orange Agent may not be suitable for these surfaces. In this instance, you would use the Vinyl Care or Leather Love as gentler options and always follow the instructions on the bottle or contact us first if you’re unsure.

Another big one is your car key - when was the last time you cleaned your key, or keys? We touch them a lot, so it's important to give these a good clean. Keys are usually harder wearing, so you can use a disinfectant or alcohol wipe for those. If your key is a bit more sensitive (like a Kia Stinger key fob that's actually leather), then you would use the process below with a deep clean and then protection with Far Cough to finish.