The deep clean

Here we’ll go over how to effectively deep clean all suitable surfaces with our pH neutral all purpose cleaner: Orange Agent. Before you get started, if there are older or damaged surfaces inside your car, take care when using Orange Agent, or use the Vinyl Care/Leather Love instead on vinyl and leather surfaces, or Fabra Cadabra with the Plush Brush on any fabric surfaces, including fabric seats, carpets and mats. Orange Agent is pH neutral, but it’s a stronger cleaner than the other 3 products mentioned. Always follow our instructions and only use quality brushes and microfibre like we suggest in our instructions.

Start with the steering wheel as it’s the most touched surface inside your car. ALWAYS spray into a brush first to avoid getting overspray everywhere. TIP: place a cloth over the instrument binnacle to avoid any overspray getting on the plastic. Spray a few sprays of Orange Agent into the Foursome Brush, then gently agitate the surface of the steering wheel. Do small sections at a time and add a couple more sprays of Orange Agent into the brush as needed. Make sure the product is worked into the surface for 20 seconds to ensure it’s killed any potential viruses. Don’t allow the product to dry – keep agitating. After 20 seconds, and while the product is still wet, wipe off the excess into a Plush Daddy cloth. It's very important to not oversaturate any areas, so only use a couple more sprays at a time as needed.

For more information about this, see the article here from The Guardian, who cite information from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society -

Move onto the next hot spot section of the interior and use the same method to deep clean and wipe up. Flip and turn your cloth often, and change cloths if it becomes soiled. Don’t stress though – the virus is dead at this stage, so it’s not living on your cloth. This same method can be used on your leather seats as a deep clean too.