Products you should not use

There are some effective virus cleaning agents out there like alcohol, alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes, bleach and even chlorine. All of these will do a fine job on most hard exterior surfaces, but the interior surfaces in your car are relatively delicate compared to say, exterior surfaces like clear coat paint, metal, floor tiles etc. As such, we need to take care on these more delicate surfaces. Things like door card plastics, steering wheels, wood trims and leather seats should not have alcohol, alcohol wipes or anything of this sort used on them, as it can terminally affect those surfaces and become very costly to repair or replace them. One video on YouTube I saw showed a person using an alcohol based anti-bacterial wipe on a leather seat, and it affected the PU coating on the seat instantly. A lot of these can be very high in pH level – important to consider when using on delicate interior surfaces. We want to use safer and more effective methods where possible.