Leather re-hydration over summer

Hot and Dry

On a hot day in the sun, with the windows up and doors closed, your cars interior can hit temperatures of close to 75+ degrees, with surfaces the sunlight hits getting even hotter. It all helps to create one of the worst environments for your cars leather.

For PU coated leather to stay, soft and supple, not break apart and crack or become brittle, it needs to be constantly hydrated. The only thing that can help is a water-based product. The water vapor molecules are the only nourishing item that can penetrate into the coated hide, unlike any other oils, balms or other snake oil, that all sit and seal the leather surface, actually making the whole drying out process more pronounced. Of course if the water molecules can get in, they can also get out, which is what happens on those hotter days as the heat begins the process of evaporation. So you can begin to understand why it is critical over the hotter months of the year to keep re-hydrating weekly, if your car sees a bit of sun.


Rehydrating your Leather

Make sure the car is in a nice cool, shaded area, then vacuum the leather using a soft bristle attachment so it does not mark the leather. The reason you vacuum it first is so you will not be rubbing excessive surface dirt back into the leather.

Grab your bottle of Leather Love and spray it into a microfibre applicator like our Square Bear, and gently rub it into the leather surface, paying special attention to high wear areas like seat bolsters, bases etc. Grab a Plush Daddy cloth and fold it to the low pile side, and wipe off the wet residue.

Apply Leather Love a second time, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes (or until it dries) and then apply the product one last time, this time wiping it clean with a microfibre cloth after 5 mins, to remove any extra residue off the surface. Do this once every couple of weeks till the hot days are over and your leather will remain supple and soft for years to come.


Softening harder leather

If your leather no longer feels soft and supple, it is most likely needing a really good dose of Love. Basically, spray a good amount of Leather Love into the applicator and apply to the leather area, let it dry for 15 mins then apply again the same way. Let it sit for a few hours, even overnight, before doing it twice more as above, and then on the final coat, wiping down the seat after 5 minutes. This more intensive treatment we have used many times before to bring back leather that many thought was dead!

Make sure to follow up with Leather Guard after this process to add some UV, stain and abrasion protection onto your leather, while still alowing it to breathe (absorb and release moisture).

Any Questions?

I hope this article has helped you out with looking after your cars leather, if you have not read it yet, have a look at our big leather care article by clicking here.

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