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What's the difference between the Inta-Mitt, Big Softie and Green Clean Glass Cloth?

  • The Inta-Mitt uses a twist pile loop microfibre on one side and a low drag, textured microfibre on the other side. Perfect for use with glass cleaners, before flipping it around for a streak and haze free finish.
  • The Big Softie cloth uses a different type of split ultra microfibre, which the low pile side of it is still good for glass cleaning, but we've found the combination of microfibre on the Inta-Mitt to be much more suited for really effective glass cleaning.
  • The Green Clean Glass Cloth uses a short nap, low drag microfibre. This type of microfibre is very good at removing haze from the inside of a windscreen, but they are not suited for use with glass cleaners.
  • Does the Inta-Mitt replace the Big Softie cloth for glass cleaning? Well, we designed the Inta-Mitt specifically for glass cleaning, so technically yes, it can. With the combination of twist loop pile + low friction textured microfibre, it makes it the perfect glass cleaning cloth. With a dedicated glass cleaning cloth, it also means you don't need to worry about having a dedicated Big Softie cloth for glass. However, the Big Softie is still a great choice for glass cleaning.
  • Does the Inta-Mitt replace the Green Clean Glass Cloth? No, it doesn't. The Green Clean Glass Cloth is a totally different type of short nap microfibre that makes it perfect for cleaning haze off the inside of your windscreen. It's one that you never use any glass cleaning spray on, but rather it's used dry, without product. We recommend to keep one in the car for those times you're driving directly into the sun to remove the annoying haze on the inside of the windscreen.
  • Can the Inta-Mitt be washed with my other microfibre cloths? Yes! if you have extremely dirty cloths that need to be washed, then you can machine or even hand wash the Inta-Mitt separately in a bucket with our Microfibre Wash. If it's a normal load of cloths, the Inta-Mitt can be machine washed with the rest of your cloths. It can be air dried inside or put in your dryer on a cool setting. We recommend to wash it after each and every use in order to keep it working its best.
  • Can I use the Inta-Mitt to clean exterior glass too? Yes! After you've washed and dried the car, clean the exterior glass the same way you clean the interior glass. If the outside glass is particularly dirty, or you're just looking to clean it between details, you can mist a couple sprays directly onto the glass, before wiping it over with the green side of the Inta-Mitt, then following up with the purple side for a perfect finish. Turn the Inta-Mitt inside out if you notice it start to streak, and continue cleaning with the fresh side, only adding 1-2 more sprays.
  • Is the Inta-Mitt made in Australia? Unfortunately no company or individual is making any microfibre of any type here in Australia. This comes from the local textile industry beling killed off in the late 80's thanks to government decisions at the time. Microfibre is all made in China (cheaper) and Korea (better) these days. We still believe the higher quality material comes from Korea, (and it's not a sweatshop situation like you see in China) so that's what we use. One day we'd LOVE to be in a position to be able to use an Australian microfibre, but with the millions of dollars that needs to be invested in machines alone, let alone the small market for specialised cloths here in Australia, it's sadly not something that's going to happen anytime soon. The Inta-Mitt packaging was all done and created here, which is the best we can do for now.