Cleaning tyres + under wheel arches

We want to remove as much dirt as we can from the tyres before putting our Tyre Sheen on, and we want to really deep clean under the wheel arches. We do this using our Orange Agent all purpose cleaner and a collection of suitable brushes like our Little Chubby and Foursome brushes.

Get your Wheels bucket and add approximately 8-10L of water. If you want, you can also add a Great Barrier Thingy to your Wheels bucket for that extra element of protection, particularly if you have delicate finish wheels. Add a capful, or even a double solution if the wheels and tyres are super dirty, of your favourite Bowden's Own car wash. Get the Orange Agent and brushes ready.

First, wet the tyre, then spray Orange Agent directly onto the tyre, then scrub it with the Little Chubby brush. When you're finished, pressure wash or rinse it off thoroughly. Repeat this process if necessary.

If you notice browning on your tyres, this is what's called antiozonant. Antiozonant is a compound that tyre manufacturers put into the rubber to help prevent degredation of the rubber. It just so happens that it looks bloody ugly if it rears its head on your tyres too. To remove this, use the method outlined above with wetting the tyre down and scrubbing with Orange Agent. It may need more than 1 application to remove it all, and be sure to properly rinse all of the Orange Agent away.

Follow this same process for under the wheel arches - spray Orange Agent up under there to help break down the dirt and assist with cleaning. If you think it needs it, use either the Big Black One or Little Chubby brushes (whichever fits under the wheel arch better), and give it all a good scrub. Once done, rinse thoroughly and repeat the process if needed.

If any of your brushes get mud/dirt etc in them, give them a rinse with some fresh water either from the hose, or from the pressure washer. Just be careful if using the pressure washer that you don't spray your hands!

If you have more modern wheels with lots of brake dust, we'd recommend to use the Wheely Clean on them instead, and then finish off with Wet Dreams. See our detailed guide below for wheel cleaning: