Another quick video and other tips.

If you have left the rubber on for too long, you can sometimes have slight residue left over from the rubber. This is super easy to clean off with our Paint Cleanse and Restore (also known by its older name of Auto Body Cleanser). Use it as per the directions - gently buff a small amount into the area the minor residue is, then buff off with a clean microfibre cloth to a perfectly clean finish. 

Rubber Off is also very good to clean off any decal marks and other sticker residue from paint and glass too. 

If your car is an older single stage paint, or has been sprayed with a spray can, use Rubber Off very cautiously, as it can penetrate and soften some of these types of unsealed paints, removing the paint when you wipe it off. Likewise, do not use it on plastic dipped (spray on rubber) items either. Always test on a small area if you have any concerns, first. 

The Rubber Off is a pretty good cleaner, so it will remove any waxes and sealants from the surface. After cleaning it's a good idea to quickly apply some of the Fully Slick spray sealant back to the area for that bit of protection and also so the rubber comes off even easier next time around. 

Here's an unedited, 10 second rubber cleaning video we did at the Phillip Island Historics to show again just how easy it is to use.