The development process

We wanted this product to of course target the removal of racing rubber, but also be safe on paint, glass, chrome, polished metal, perspex & polycarbonate, fibreglass, powdercoated surfaces, and to also not damage race cut vinyl or quality race wraps. 

It also had to be free from any petroleum distillates, non flamable, silicone free and be an enviromentally friendly water based formula. 

Our mechanics also asked if it could have a suitable fragrence they would approve of in the pits, nothing too nice or "flowery" - go figure.

Thanks to Chris Bowden pretty much racing every single month in 2014, our chemist was able to supply his mechanic Jason with a new, updated formula each and every race meeting they went to. Over the course of 12 months we got it to a very fine point, where we then gave it to other driver training schools and race teams, all who came back amazed at how well it worked. In fact, they became that obssessed with getting more of it, which lead us to note that it's like crack cocaine for any race mechanics! 

We also found that it's great for people who race karts, bikes, do drifting, drag racing and motorkhanas as well. 

It was given the name Rubber Off, as that is exactly what it does.