Step 3

It's shiny

If you're only polishing a small area, turn the Dirty Deeds cloth over to a clean side and buff the black residue from the metal to reveal a stunningly shiny surface. If it's a larger area, use two Dirty Deeds cloths, one for polishing and the other for the final buff off. 

If you have some black residue left in hard to reach spots, be aware you can wash this away with water if it suits you as well now too. Just apply water and wipe it away with a wet cloth.  

You will now have that beautiful Bowden's Own shine. So smile at yourself in the reflection! 

Multiple Uses

There is an endless list of things you can use our metal polish on - we seem to find something new every day. Try it in the home on things like the sink and taps; however make sure the missus doesn't claim the bottle and cloths! It can even be used on things like the old baileys ladders (for those who are that way inclined), as it brings these up to a beautiful, mirror finish. Boats, planes, trucks and bikes; basically anything with a polishable metal area will benefit from our polish. Try it out and see why we simply regard it as one of the best in the world.

Due to the jewelers type rouge in it, you can even use it as a glass polish! You can read more about this in another one of our car care guides.